Founders Cabins
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Kerner Cabin
Kerner Plaque
Theodore W. Kerner

NRA Life and Benefactor Member #645

Whittington Center Gun Club

Life Member #663

To all who use this building:
Welcome to the finest shooting facility in the world.
Kerner Cabin Map

Founders Cabin: KERNER (FC21-24)

Kerner Cabin Diagram


"The Wood, Carter, Leupold, Thompson, Kerner, and Brown Cabins comprise the Founders Retreat complex. Each has four bedrooms, with two single beds and a private bathroom. One bedroom in each unit is handicap accessible. These cabins overlook a beautiful meadow with an abundance of birds and wildlife. Each cabin has a common kitchen and living room area. The bedding is provided. Bring your own cooking and eating utensils, towels and toiletries.

New for the Founders Retreat complex are the recently remodeled Brownell Family Suites. The Brownell Suites feature first class accommodations with a full kitchen, queen bed, seating area with satellite television and fireplace, and bathroom all in a private suite. Unlike the other Founders Retreat cabins, the Brownell Suites are fully furnished with cooking and eating utensils, and towels. Housekeeping service is provided daily as well.