March 18, 2013


2013 has arrived and so has the 40th Anniversary of your NRA Whittington Center! We invite you to share in our year-long celebration of 40 years of world class competitive shooting, dedicated youth training, and once in a lifetime hunting opportunities. While here, personally explore the historic Santa Fe Trail and New Mexico's rich western history.

We began humbly and have come a long way from the dirt entrance cut through a rusty barbed wire fence. Trust that we haven't forgotten our roots, it was YOUR undying support that took a dream and turned it into a reality. To those just discovering us, we welcome you and look forward to you joining us and helping write the chapter on our next 40 years.

With the dawn or our 40th Anniversary we share common concern. Seemingly, unshakable freedoms we have enjoyed and taken for granted for generation upon generation now bend and groan under the crushing pressure of a diverse society that appears to have forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE... are America! Through the past 40 years the NRA Whittington Center has stood as a lighthouse in times of darkness and it will forever remain a symbol of freedom, a place where all rights afforded a free society by our Constitution's Bill of Rights can be fully exercised and truly enjoyed.

Please come join us as we celebrate 40 years of Freedom!

Wayne Armacost

Wayne Armacost
Executive Director