Whittington U Archery Course

The Whittington U Training Program is proud to now offer Archery Courses. 

Whether you are looking to refine your skills in archery to up your game, or you want to learn a new hobby, look no further.  In this archery course you will not only learn the basics of archery, but you will also learn world-class archery shooting techniques. This course will prepare you with the shooting techniques, and mental discipline you need to achieve your archery goals!


Archery Shooter Course

This 8 hour shooting course is designed for ALL archers from beginners to advanced level shooters, both kids and adults. If you want to become a better shooter, this course is for you. The shooters course will cover aspects that will be beneficial to both compound and recurve archers. The agenda will consist of the proper way to shoot a bow, back tension, what it takes to shoot high scores, and building tournament confidence. 

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All Whittington-U courses are taught on 360 degree ranges where dynamic movement, defensive posture and the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship are emphasized.

Shooters can take part in competitive shooting, rifle and pistol silhouette, bullseye disciplines, and even black powder muzzle-loading rifles. 

The NRA Whittington Center hosts hundreds of private and public events every year. Take a look at our schedule and plan your visit today.

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