The Whittington U Precision Rifle Academy offers three levels of courses specifically oriented towards long range precision rifle shooting.


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We offer Long Range Courses for every skill level from beginner to advanced!


Precision Rifle – School of 1000 Yards is designed for any centerfire cartridge and rifle platform capable of engaging targets out to 1000 yards. The WU Precision Academy focuses on teaching students the basic skill sets necessary to achieve first shot hits, with engagements from 100 to 1000 yards (and beyond). Students will be taught safe rifle handling, sighting in a rifle, how to gather and apply environmental data, the fundamentals of internal and external ballistics, basic wind reading skills and application, rifle maintenance, equipment selection, and more. This course is designed to help you be more successful, and safer as a Hunter or Sporting Shooter.

Long Range Precision Rifle will take you to the next level of distance shooting, expanding your knowledge and skills of precision rifle shooting. This course requires a caliber and the equipment necessary to engage targets out to and beyond 1760 yards, one mile. We will explore the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting, advanced ballistics, and the effects of the environment on the path of a bullet. Students will also learn and experience the challenge of shooting at extreme inclines, alternate firing positions, and how to engage unknown distance targets with and without the use of electronics.

Extreme Long Range Precision Rifle is designed to prepare you for competing in ELR shooting competitions. You will learn and apply the fundamentals of marksmanship, ballistics calculation and the skills for success over great distances, up to 2.1 miles. It is required that you bring a caliber and equipment needed for engaging targets out to two miles. This is a ‘hit to advance’ course, we will take you as far as your rifle, ammo, scope, limitation allows. We will start with data gathering at 100 yards, build a ballistics chart, verify your chart with field data out to one mile, then we will move to Spring Canyon with targets from 2050 to 3700 yards.

The Whittington U Precision Rifle Academy courses take place at the beautiful NRA Whittington Center in Raton New Mexico. Whittington U PRA has its own private Training Area developed to maximize your learning experience.

At the Whittington U Precision Rifle Academy, the Courses are designed to challenge each graduate by putting them in an environment that offers the opportunity to employ the skills taught and learned here.

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Precision Rifle Course-School of 1000 Yards

Precision Rifle introduces students to the art and science of Precision Rifle shooting with classroom and on the range instruction, with a strong focus on the fundamentals of Ballistics and Marksmanship. We will teach known distance data gathering and application. 100 to 1000 yards, and beyond.

Long Range Precision Rifle Course

The Long Range Precision Rifle Course builds on the foundation and fundamentals learned and applied in Precision Rifle. We will gather 100 yard data, build a ballistics chart and verify it with field data from 200 yards to 1 mile, and beyond. Students will learn techniques for angle fire and alternate firing positions, how to work as a team, and much more.

Extreme Long Range Precision Rifle Course

This course builds on the foundation and fundamentals of Marksmanship and Ballistics and takes it to the next level. From gathering 100 yard data to applying the skills and knowledge to achieve the thrill of extreme range impacts. With the right equipment we will take you as far as 3700 yards. This course is perfect to get you ready for ELR competitions, bring your shooting partner, or come solo.

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All Whittington-U courses are taught on 360 degree ranges where dynamic movement, defensive posture and the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship are emphasized.

Shooters can take part in competitive shooting, rifle and pistol silhouette, bullseye disciplines, and even black powder muzzle-loading rifles. 

The NRA Whittington Center hosts hundreds of private and public events every year. Take a look at our schedule and plan your visit today.

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