WU Defensive Academy

The Whittington U Defensive Academy focuses on the real world implementation on the defensive use of the Pistol and Carbine Platforms. The Defensive Academy's goals are to instill a strong fundamental base of interaction with the firearm platform, to help further the knowledge of the responsible gun owner.
The Defensive Academy offers a progressive course lineup that begins with the Fundamentals of Defensive Marksmanship and leads up to a series of Masters Courses that will be the conditioning response for the respective platforms. Training is key to success in every endeavor and the Whittington U Defensive Academy give students the opportunity to test themselves, both mentally and physically in a controlled environment.


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School of Defensive Pistol

We offer the region’s only holstered concealed carry training. Course Levels I, II, III and Masters are offered. 


School of Defensive Carbine

One of the best carbine defensive schools in America. As with all our defensive firearm courses, our lead instructors are either combat or police veterans.


New Mexico Concealed Carry Course

The purpose of the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act (NMCHCA) course, is to educate the New Mexico Citizen of the legal aspects within New Mexico State Law, involving the carrying of a concealed handgun.


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All Whittington-U courses are taught on 360 degree ranges where dynamic movement, defensive posture and the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship are emphasized.

Shooters can take part in competitive shooting, rifle and pistol silhouette, bullseye disciplines, and even black powder muzzle-loading rifles. 

The NRA Whittington Center hosts hundreds of private and public events every year. Take a look at our schedule and plan your visit today.

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